At Retail Alliance...Virginia Retail Matters.

If you sell a product, service, or experience, you've come to the right place.  We're by your side every step of the way, championing for your success, educating you and your peers, advocating and lobbying on your behalf, negotiating group discounts, offering a variety of products and services to benefit your business, and helping you build lasting relationships far beyond your membership. In summary, we unite with retailpreneurs for a thriving retail community through education, collaboration, innovation, and a collective voice. Aligning shared values, we are shaping the future of retail together because we believe that Virginia Retail Matters. 

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Member Testimonial:

“Joining Retail Alliance is easily one of the best decisions I have ever made for my company, but it's more than just the tremendous value for what they offer, it's clear that the people of RA truly care about the success of small businesses.”

-Bryan Salerno, owner of Jersey’s Cards & Comics

Our Mission

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Our mission would not be possible without our strategic partners

Just starting your retail journey?
With our Certificate in Retail Operations course and other educational opportunities, your dream of successfully running your own business can become a reality when you join Retail Alliance. Just think of us as your GPS, fully equipped with tons of retail resources to help you reach your destination.

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Need more fuel?
Even if you've been on your retail journey for a while, a little more gas in the tank won't hurt. When you join Retail Alliance, not only will you be part of a group that is focused on your industry, but you will have access to an array of valuable benefits and services. 

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