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Sweet Success: Get the Scoop on Gelati Celesti's Flavorful Journey 

In the heart of Richmond, Virginia, Gelati Celesti has been weaving moments of joy since 1984. Now with ten neighborhood stores sprinkled across Richmond and Hampton Roads, their mission is a simple yet profound one: to bring a few moments of joy to others with the very best ice cream scooped up with the very best service.

The Gelati Celesti story is not just about a business; it's a journey through family bonds and community connections. In 2010, Steve Rosser took the helm, acquiring the business from his friend, Peter Edmonds. At the time, it was a successful one-store operation and Steve was confident that he could grow the business while still maintaining the amazing attributes of the artisan ice cream company Peter and his dad created. In 2023, Steve Rosser officially passed the torch to his children, Suzy and Tom. Though both Rosser children ventured into college and the wider world, the allure of their roots proved magnetic and they returned ready to create a lasting legacy.

Every business journey encounters challenges, and Gelati Celesti is no exception. Their hesitancy towards rapid growth stems from a profound commitment to preserving their unique company culture. They are always reminding themselves of their top priority - to maintain that true family business feel where they care so much about their people. The delicate balance between expansion and staying true to their roots is a strategic dance, a dance carefully choreographed to ensure the essence of Gelati Celesti remains intact.

For this family-owned ice cream shop, it’s not just about a quality product; it's about the people. The care infused into every detail, from crafting unique ice cream flavors to providing exceptional customer service, sets them apart. In every scoop, there's a sprinkle of warmth and a dash of community spirit that transcends the simple act of serving ice cream.

As a part of the community, Gelati Celesti thrives on connection. Local isn't just a buzzword; it's a way of life. From spirited collaborations with schools during Spirit Nights to imaginative partnerships with neighboring businesses, Gelati Celesti actively weaves itself into the vibrant fabric of the community. The collaborations, personally cherished by the current owner, are a testament to their love for making unique flavors and incorporating the spirit of other independent businesses.

And what lies ahead in the future for Suzy, Tom, and Gelati Celesti? Excitement bubbles as they dream of opening more doors down the road, potentially venturing into new markets like Northern Virginia. Growth is approached with a conservative touch, not just for expanding the brand, but to provide internal opportunities for their team's journey and growth.

For those with dreams of entrepreneurship, Suzy imparts valuable advice - have a great mentor and build connections within your community. Their success, they attest, is not a solo endeavor; it is the product of a robust support system, a village that nurtures aspirations.

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