Member Spotlight: Edgewood Outfitters

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Empowering Women Through Fashion: The Journey of Edgewood Outfitters

Currently located in Patrick Henry Mall in Newport News, Edgewood Outfitters stands as a testament to empowerment and style for women of all ages and sizes. With a rugged American vintage influence and a boho-inspired twist, Edgewood Outfitters aims to boost womens’ confidence, and inspire them to live life to the fullest all while looking their best.

But behind every successful business, there's a story, and for Edgewood Outfitters, it's a tale of friendship, determination, and resilience. Karen and Gabby, the dynamic duo behind Edgewood Outfitters, are not just business partners; they're best friends with a shared passion for retail.

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Karen brings a wealth of experience in management, while Gabby adds her expertise in fashion marketing and retail. Together, they envisioned a brand that not only offers clothing but also nurtures a sense of empowerment and self-assurance among women.

One notable aspect of Edgewood Outfitters' commitment is their dedication to inclusivity. From the very beginning, they made it a priority to offer size-inclusive clothing, ranging from XS to 3X. Their belief in catering to all body types reflects their mission to embrace women of every shape and size.

However, like any entrepreneurial journey, theirs was not without challenges. Their biggest hurdle came when Karen quit her job to focus on Edgewood Outfitters full-time, only to face the onset of a global pandemic shortly after. With lockdowns and uncertainties looming, many would have shelved their dreams, but not Karen and Gabby. Despite the odds, they pressed on, navigating through the uncertainties and adapting their plans along the way.

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Eight months later, despite the backdrop of uncertainty, Edgewood Outfitters opened its doors. Their resilience paid off, and they emerged stronger than ever. For Karen and Gabby, their greatest success wasn't just in launching a business; it was in persevering despite the odds stacked against them.

Looking ahead, Edgewood Outfitters has ambitious plans for the future. They aim to expand their presence across Hampton Roads, grow their online platform, and further establish their brand in the market. But amidst their growth, they remain grounded in their mission to empower women and build a supportive community.

In a world where challenges are inevitable, Edgewood Outfitters stands as a testament to the power of friendship, determination, and the unwavering belief in one's dreams. Through fashion, they're not just selling clothes; they're inspiring women to embrace their uniqueness, pursue their aspirations, and live life on their own terms.