Member Spotlight: Chateau Events & Planning

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Nestled in the heart of Hampton, Chateau Events & Planning LLC is a premier destination for all celebrated special occasions. Whether it’s an intimate wedding, a grand birthday bash, or a corporate gala, this business provides top-notch event planning and a stunning venue to make special moments unforgettable.

Betty Brister, the passionate owner of Chateau Events, has always had a knack for creating beautiful spaces and memorable events. Naturally, she loved to decorate, transforming her home for parties with family and friends. This passion eventually blossomed into a thriving business.

Every business faces its own set of challenges, and Chateau Events is no exception. Opening an actual event space in Hampton has been a significant milestone, but it also brought the challenge of needing more exposure so that potential new customers would know where they’re located. To tackle this, Betty has been focusing on enhancing their online presence and utilizing social media platforms to reach a broader audience.

One of the standout aspects of Betty’s business is its ability to customize events to look like no other. This dedication to personalization is evident in their glowing Google reviews, reflecting the satisfaction and happiness of their clients.

Looking ahead, Betty envisions expanding the event planning business to include an outdoor space, allowing for both indoor and outdoor events. This expansion will not only broaden the scope of events they can host but also provide a versatile setting for clients to bring their visions to life.

For those looking to start their own business, Betty offers some sage advice: research the location, understand the city requirements and guidelines, and allow more time than you actually think you need to get the project done. Thorough preparation and realistic timelines are crucial for navigating the complexities of starting a new business.

Building a strong connection with the community is vital for any business, and Betty understands this well. Chateau Events & Planning utilizes social media and her website to engage with the community, share updates, and showcase their work. These platforms have been instrumental in reaching potential clients and building a loyal customer base.

Betty Brister's journey with Chateau Events & Planning is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and community engagement. As she continues to grow her business, Betty remains dedicated to creating unique, memorable events that bring joy to her clients and community.

For more information or to book your next event, visit Chateau Events & Planning's website and follow them on social media.